A bad day

Debian gnutls mess

I started the day yesterday by doing aptitude upgrade on my desktop box. That didn't turn out so well as bugs #623963 and #619833 bit me hard. gkrellm is for my handcrafted environment what the panel and applet areas are to other people gnome gardens and in particular it tells me in one place when I have new mail in any of my numerous mailboxes, personal and otherwise. So it was scramble time at the No Gnome headquarters. I downloaded the gkrellm source package, installed the one missing development library (libntlm0-dev) and built my own binary package of gkrellm with a funny version number (prefixed by 3:) so as to stop the broken upgrade from replacing it.

Unfortunately I also had to reinstall quilt which shows signs of bitrot (bug #637014). I'll remove it as soon as a fixed gkrellm becomes available from the official Debian sites.

Iceweasel 5.x

The other interesting part in the upgrade was Iceweasel 5.0 - like Firefox 5.0! I'm not sure it's entirely a good thing as the most obvious differences are of the pretty moving pictures kind, but now the baoug challenges work for me! I sent in a solution to the easy one already.

Linode offline

And then in the afternoon my Linode server stopped responding to pings or anything else. Since it is my personal IMAP server and SMTP relay, this was again very annoying. The cause turned out to be power trouble at the Fremont data center, and my support ticket was immediately closed with a link to the data center status page. Fortunately it was fixed fairly quickly, within 30 minutes or so. I depend on email so much that the server going away for an extended time period would be a nightmare.

Farewell to Chess.com

Some time ago I started to doubt if I ought to renew my subscription on Chess.com. There were multiple reasons to not renew, from my general reluctance to make online payments (after getting scammed by a mysterious Amsterdam cracker) to their silence in reply to feature requests that would actually have added useful labor-saving functionality and not just more pretty icons to strain my tendons on. The last drop came when I realized there was no rule against taking obviously phony "vacation" after every move to gain extra time. So I did not renew and yesterday my subscription lapsed. I'll probably log in now and then to take part in team vote games which are fun and mostly stress free.

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