At it again

New way to post blog entries

While I was trying to figure out how to share Gnus group attributes (i.e. the .newsrc.eld file) between the desktop and the laptop, it occurred to me that Mnemosyne's fusion of mail and blog is a nuisance. Not the maildir as a storage format, that works great in its simplicity; it's just that to get into a maildir the post has to pass through the mail system including some kind of MTA, and that may entail otherwise unnecessary complexity in the mail system.

So I created an Emacs command to create an entry from scratch, including the email-like headers, and another to pipe the current buffer through the safecat program which "delivers" its input into a maildir. This lets me use Mnemosyne and its maildir store without any interaction with mail at all.

Evening concert

In the evening I heard a concert by a young harpsichordist at the St. Joseph of Arimathea church in Berkeley. It is a very special space, really small, just a chapel, with a ceiling of incredibly bright red wood planks. This time all lights were out during the performance except a reading light above the sheet music, so it was completely dark but for the instrument and the artist's graceful hands. Magical.

On the way there I was accosted by a young lady, thin but not at all destitute looking, who started a conversation and eventually asked me to buy her groceries. I obliged; she exchanged email addresses and signaled a desire to repay me, but I don't really expect that to come to pass.

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