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Trip to Tahoe

2 weekends ago I returned to Tahoe. I stayed at the same place as last time, the Fireside Lodge. The advantage is that they are at the north tip of South Lake Tahoe, farthest from casinos and closest to the trails, at least the trails I remembered from last time. The disadvantage is that they're "pet-friendly" which in practice means dogs. Lots of dogs.

I was able to do a major hike on both days, but each day there was a problem. On Saturday I lost the trail in a snowfield. I then turned back and took the other direction of the loop I planned, and then took the wrong side trail (namely a dead-end leading to the edge of Upper Velma Lake, instead of a trail later on that leads to Fontanelles Lake and completes the loop). On Sunday I started out to the top of Mount Tallac, but the trail I took (the Spring Creek trail) turned out to not exist (for about 30 years now, according to the older couple I asked). So again I had to retreat; I walked back to Baldwin Beach and from there I took the Floating Island trail, the same one where I descended last time after a hike to Angora Lakes and around Fallen Leaf Lake. I didn't make it to the top -- I stopped above the tree line when the trail was just a minor depression in the field of rocks and gravel, because I was worried about getting back in time to catch the last bus. I think I must have been right around the 9000 feet level.

More NLP adventures

Right now I'm trying to classify text according to topic, based on word frequencies learned from a corpus. A very similar task to classifying email as spam or ham, I suppose.

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