Openbox merging nightmare


So today I checked the version of Openbox window manager available in Debian testing archive and they had the newly released version 3.5 already. I looked at the source and was disappointed to not find my patch to place new windows with minimal overlap of existing windows. I feel the patch is a huge improvement and in any case I can no longer live with the old behavior where Openbox just reverts to random placement when a zero overlap solution is not possible.

I asked on the mailing list and it turned out the reason why it wasn't merged was that no bug had been filed about it. I hate bugzilla but I duly filed a bug. But now I am left with the task of merging the patch into 3.5 for the time being if I want to upgrade. I had some success with using git to do the merge but also some surprising behavior when I got conflicts in situations that to my human eye looked like straight prepending to a file (the Changelog was one, but there were others too). It looks like a lot of work and maybe I'll decide to just drop my previous debianization and copy the 3.5 debian/ subtree on top of the patched source.


In other news, I have a cold, after a few weeks when the morning headache returned and became more pronounced. It may be a sinus thing after all, and I regret that I didn't mention it to the doctor at the time of my checkup earlier this month.

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