Revive this?

Blog again?

Looks like it has been about 2 years since I did this last. LOL. Lots of news; among other things I am employed again. I have been at this job for about 10 months now and I'm getting disillusioned already. There really is no escape, all jobs suck. I still have no 2014 calendar, I better look for one on sale.

No New Year concert this year by Lillian Gordis, the young Berkeley harpsichordist. I wonder what has become of her.

Neuropathy bites

It is as bad as the first time, maybe even worse. I'm taking a few days off next week because with no sleep it is pretty much impossible to turn in quality work. I am really wondering about the cause. This time it started in late September, exactly the same time of the year as the 1st time. Is it from an allergy after all? Also, last summer I got this huge Dell monitor for my photo editing obsession; I think it is the same one as I used at Clustrix! It probably emits a quite powerful electromagnetic field, could being in proximity to it for long periods cause the condition?


I have been working on a toy C library inspired by libabc to see how much of the advice by libabc authors (who are known to be an opinionated couple) can be reasonably put into practice. The answer seems to be most of it, but one must be prepared to fight established tools quite often. The most prominent example I have run into is with message translation. Pretty much everyone seems to use the GNU gettext tools, and indeed they're convenient to use and integrate well with the automake/autoconf suite. But they rely on global state in an essential way which is a showstopper for a cleanly coded library. So I have dug in and created a workable setup with the alternative X/Open catgets interface, which has no such problem, despite being badmouthed in the glibc and gettext manuals.


I installed this app on my Android device again and used it to play a few games as a guest. It is actually a quite decent app, for example unlike all the other chess apps it handles changes in screen orientation correctly. The only problem is that it doesn't allow underpromotion from the GUI. So if I ever luck out and get the Saavedra position I'll have to enter the Rook promotion move from the console.

Missed blueberries

I missed some blueberries Eleanor got for me last Sunday because I texted her over the phone, not having taken the tablet with me to the coffee shop and so unable to send a chat on Jabber. I must work on that. Not sure I'll be able to visit her tomorrow, there's a happening in Berkeley and I also badly need a haircut.

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