Switching to Pelican


I am dropping mnemosyne at last and adopting Pelican. The reason is I couldn't make mnemosyne use relative links, so I had no way to test how the pages would look without uploading them to the server. While there seems to be a school of thought holding that relative links are evil, those reasons don't really apply to my situation; they seem to be all about making it easy for search engines, and generating money from that traffic.

Tax Nightmare Continues

Today I got another letter from our friendly federal tax agency, informing me that though I no longer owe the tax for the nonexistent income I erroneously reported for 2012, I still owe penalties for reporting (or not reporting??) it late. This is the USA a decade and a half into the 21st century but Franz Kafka would recongize it instantly. Will need to inform my tax agent of this quickly after scanning the letter.

Back to Nortriptyline

2 months ago or so I started taking Gabapentin because I thought I saw some strange side effects of Nortriptyline. But as the neuropathy got much worse over the cursed holidays and the following 2 weeks I could hardly get any sleep at all with the neuropathic burning at night, and Gabapentin stopped helping. I could feel it knocking me out but still I wouldn't sleep, and of course now I have to go to work every day and be productive. So I switched back and so far Nortriptyline works much better, I get some sleep and my bathroom trips are surprisingly quite regular (those were the "strange side effects").

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