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  1. Minor site improvements

    The Tags and Archives indexes are now available via links in the banner menu.

    The stupidly named Social widget now has links to my Github page and my Gravatar image. I am lazy and this is simpler than modifying the Pelican templates.

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  2. Comments by email enabled

    You can now comment on each particular post by clicking on the comment link beneath it. At the moment the code on my side to add them to the blog (probably after asking a permission) doesn't exist, but the email address is real and I'll keep the comments until I …

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  3. Back to Mnemosyne

    Whoa, was that a detour or what? Pelican doesn't allow me to compile in relative links either. It comes with much prettier themes, but even to install it requires the world. It does allow me to specify a separate configuration for testing, so I can compile in a local file …

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  4. Switching to Pelican


    I am dropping mnemosyne at last and adopting Pelican. The reason is I couldn't make mnemosyne use relative links, so I had no way to test how the pages would look without uploading them to the server. While there seems to be a school of thought holding that relative …

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  5. Revive this?

    Blog again?

    Looks like it has been about 2 years since I did this last. LOL. Lots of news; among other things I am employed again. I have been at this job for about 10 months now and I'm getting disillusioned already. There really is no escape, all jobs suck …

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  6. At it again

    New way to post blog entries

    While I was trying to figure out how to share Gnus group attributes (i.e. the .newsrc.eld file) between the desktop and the laptop, it occurred to me that Mnemosyne's fusion of mail and blog is a nuisance. Not the maildir as a …

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