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Scrobble no more

I used to automatically log the metadata about music to which I was listening on (my user name there is nemotwin). This is also known as scrobbling. I did it with the mpdscribble program which is a specialized add-on to the mpd music playing program. This worked so well that I have not actually logged on the site for months. Today I did, and I saw that not only has the front page been redesigned in Web 2.0 (a.k.a. Facebook) style, but some of the UI elements now redirect to other domains - including the button which opens the main menu, where the Logout item lives. In other words, it has become impossible to log out without accepting cross-domain requests! Since I now use the RequestPolicy add-on for Firefox to police such things, logging out of has become a chore. In fact, it is much more work than it is worth, so I'm leaving for good. I removed the command starting mpdscribble from my startup script and then I uninstalled mpdscribble from the computer.

So, what did I listen to today?

Colin Booth - Dark Harpsichord Music
I used to be averse to the harpsichord somehow, for years after I got interested in early music. I don't really understand why. I also used to be averse to French Baroque composers; I understand that a bit better, some of the dramatic or operatic output of Lully and Rameau is just too pretentious for its own good. But I now love the solo harpsichord music, and it is a big part of my listening these days.
Diana Panton - to Brazil with love
I heard Diana Panton live once when I lived in Ontario, she did just a handful of songs in a downtown Toronto record shop to introduce her first album. I am quite hooked to her thin but clear voice and sparse arrangements ever since.

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