The first post

This is supposed to be written in ReStructured text, and Mnemosyne should translate it to HTML. Or is it XHTML? We'll see.

Too many things to do today as usual. I started by cursing Gnus because as always it cached too much and when I moved the source Maildir for this blog, it still remembered the headers of the articles I thought I left behind in the old location. I had to disable the Gnus agent feature to stop this behavior.

Also, I need to go on the roof and take test shots with the digital SLR camera. I noticed 3 spots appearing at the same place in every image. I am not sure if it is lens flare, in that case they should go away when I use a hood.

In the background I am washing my bed linen. And I have to make a trip to Whole Foods at some point. I am very grateful for the free Broadway shuttle bus.

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