Feeling awful

The last few days I have been feeling awfully slow and tired. And my feet are starting to ache - I am pretty sure my neuropathy is making another comeback. I would really like to know what causes it :-(

Porting mllex

I am trying to build the Standard ML lexer generator tool (various versions of which exist for MLton, SML/NJ and probably all the many other SML compilers out there) to Poly/ML. This would be a prerequisite for a full port of the SML/NJ library because parts of it, such as the JSON parser and pretty printer, depend on it. So far I was able to load the mllex code as patched by MLton into Poly/ML and export it as a standalone executable. I'm hoping it will produce identical output to mllex as it comes with MLton, but I haven't tested that yet.

Done with archiving Magnatune files

At last I re-downloaded all the flac files I had previously got from Magnatune and converted into ogg files. I saved the raw zipped flac files to the external SATA drive that used to be my regular backup drive, but now I do backup to my Linode instead. That has some limitations, first of all I have the cheapest Linode so there is only about 10G space for the backups; I address that by excluding as much as I can, in particular large immutable files, such as the music files and photos. The other disadvantage of this approach is that uploading all that data is very slow, as we only have basic 2Mb/384Kb ADSL line. I cleverly work around that by spooling to foolinux (the little mini PC acting as my print and file server) and flushing to the Linode in the early morning hours when nobody's using the connection (I hope). I think uploading the full backup, even excluding the large files, takes about 3 hours.

New year, new calendar

With 2012 in I switched to the wall calendar I bought in Massey on my last trip to Ontario. I'm wondering what calendar will I use next year because with Mr. Harper and now also Mr. Ford firmly in power I am ever less inclined to go back there.

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