Try yet another white magician

Another medical appointment

So, after missing 2 days of work last week and 1 (so far) this week because of the neuropathy, today I called to make an appointment with the doctor my boss, Nader, recommended. Going there next Monday. I don't know if I can make them look at the whole picture this time. So far with every white magician I saw, first the ones embedded with Kaiser and now some others, too, it has been like this:

Tingling and numbness in hands? You must have repetitive stress injury!

Tingling and numbness in feet? You must have the restless legs syndrome!

Cannot sleep because of burning? Here is a sleep pill to fix that.

Tinnitus and headache to go with all that? Sign up for an ear exam.

It's almost as if they intentionally refused trying to connect the dots in any fashion.

In fact, I think I'll let this doctor read this post :-)

Trying OCaml again, maybe giving up on Standard ML?

Standard ML really seems to be dead. After a brief activity more than a year ago on the sml-basis-discuss list (including my immodest suggestion to look at my easylib library) there has been nothing more, and no suggestion of fixing its flaws (such as the broken infix operator handling) anywhere else either. It seems to have become a specialized language for the implementation of a few proof assistants (Isabelle, ProofPower and HOL4 plus maybe couple of others).

So I am once again installing OCaml . Sadly this has the opposite problem: it changes too fast for Debian (or any distribution) to keep up. The version now in Debian stable is quite old, and if I tried to install the one from testing I would be forced to pull in the updated libc on which it depends, and I'm definitely not ready for that. So building OCaml from source, followed (I hope) by using opam.

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